Revision: Apocalypse II

Revision: Apocalypse II cover art

Revision, written for the screen by Edwin Brienen, is the second part of Brienen’s Apocalypse Trilogy™. The film is set in a futuristic world, where terrorist attacks rule daily life, forced chip implantation is commonplace and government control is routinely exerted through manipulation of the media.

Traci (Eva Dorrepaal), an ex-model, feels lost and confused. Whereas once she believed in God and looked to him as a source of inner calm and peace, she simply believes no longer and tries desperately to fill the void caused by her lack of faith.

Meanwhile, her husband, Charlie (Clayton Nemrow), persuades her to transgress the 6th Commandment (5th among Roman Catholics) and commit murder. She picks up a random guy in a bar and brings him home. Soon, however, reality and fantasy become intertwined in an indecipherable web of hallucinations and mental chaos. Haunted by her inner demon, Vince Destructo (played by Jacob Dove Basker), Traci spirals headlong toward madness.

Although Revision contains all elements typical of a Brienen’s film canon, the inherent differences are also notable. Partly shot on 35mm, the look of the film is extremely cold and metallic. Here, Brienen takes his inspiration from the sleazy grind-house horror films of the 70’s and 80’s and, himself, commits merciless horror scene to celluloid halfway through the film.

The political aspects characteristic of Brienen’s films are present in Revision – Apocalypse II, but it is worth noting that the role that music plays in this film is much more prominent than in any of Brienen’s previous works. Accordingly, the character of Vince Destructo, Traci’s inner demon, appears predominantly in musical form. The attendant songs were taken of The House Of Destructo’s second album Everything Must Be Destroyed, which was released in 2005.




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