Phantom Party

Phantom Party cover art

Phantom Party, by Edwin Brienen, is the first part of a diptych about low-budget film making. Film director Jerome Gold (Tomas Spencer) is an idealist. He likes to think that his films help open the minds of the public. Holed up in a hotel room, he wants to do a high-class film production.

The production company has hired Tamara Bonita (Eva Dorrepaal), an unknown actress/porn star from the Eastern bloc who hardly speaks English. Miscommunication between Jerome and Tamara threatens the already fragile film production. Things really go wrong when a group of Neo-Communist filmmakers try to occupy the hotel room.

Tamara’s hopes to become a successful actress fade quickly after she is hunted and raped by the Communists. She ends up in an amateur film on YouTube of which even Al Qaeda would be ashamed.




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