L’amour Toujours

L’amour Toujours cover art

L’amour Toujours, a neo art movie by Edwin Brienen, tells the story of Dynasty, a ballerina whose dream was to become famous at the local Vaudeville theater. Unfortunately, she slipped further and further away from reality. Now Dynasty is desperately searching for a new role both in her real life and as an actress. Haunted by her own nightmares and fantasies, there is only one frightening option left: the notorious Pygor and his outdated L’amour Toujours Theater.

L’amour Toujours is a shameless force in absurdism and theatrical hysteria. Cult director Edwin Brienen has never before taken illogic this far.

Starring in the film is legendary actor Erwin Leder (Angst, Das Boot) in the role of demonic pierrot Pygor, a degenerated lost soul in the labyrinth of life that runs the L’amour Toujours Theater. Tomas Sinclair Spencer and Sebastian Philipp play Centurion and Syndala, the strangest and most disturbing creatures of the night since Venetian Carnival was initiated. Dynasty is portrayed by the beautiful Valerie Renay, better known as the female member of musical duo Noblesse Oblige.




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