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Exploitation premiered during 2012’s LUFF festival in Switzerland. This Gothic-Noir satiric fresco tranports us into the superficial world of film industry: a business without mercy that only seeks to copy itself without taking any risks.

Very auto-reflexive, hilarious at moments, and very dark at others, the film does not hide its preoccupation with a society numbed by its own cliches that it exploits endlessly. Clairvoyant, provoking, and esthetically very interesting, the film is calmer and more easily accessible to a non initiated public than its predecessors.




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Various Artists —
Exploitation Original Soundtrack

Enfant Terrible Productions, 2012
Enfant Terrible produced the soundtrack for this gothic-noir satiric fresco. 90 minutes of music to be enjoyed both as true soundtrack as well as a sequel to previous Enfant Terrible compilations… but more dramatic and ritualistic in the way the record is building up.

It will please fans of minimal electronics and (post) industrial music but also moves into different styles such as idm, tekno, angst pop and chanson... while always keeping a dark and cold mood and/or dream state feeling throughout
  • A1 Neugeborene Nachtmusik — Cookie Jar
  • A2 Europ Europ — Affection Addict
  • A3 Nihiltronix — Mass
  • A4 Europ Europ — Hard Scores (Instrumental)
  • A5 Distel — Fall
  • B1 Former Descent — Accepting Transmissions
  • B2 Europ Europ — Harsh Love (Female Version)
  • B3 Sololust — Believe Me
  • B4 Zarkoff — Wormwood Sonatina
  • C1 Europ Europ — Stormy Pacific (Extended)
  • C2 The Spectrometers — Mars En Train
  • C3 Unité November — Novo Uomo
  • C4 Neugeborene Nachtmusik — Han Dog
  • D1 Embers — Swamp Thing (Instrumental)
  • D2 oplen — Skikt
  • D3 The New Age — Soft Touch

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