Exploitation cover art

Exploitation 2012

This Gothic-Noir satiric fresco tranports us into the superficial world of film industry: a business without mercy that only seeks to copy itself without taking any risks.

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Lena will es endlich wissen cover art

Lena will es endlich wissen 2011

Actress Lena Liebling (Agnieszka Rozenbajgier) desperately searches for love while also taking care of her lonely father. Her best friend introduces her to a world of lust and obscure sexual practices.

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Revision: Apocalypse II cover art

Revision: Apocalypse II 2010

Ex-model Traci (Eva Dorrepaal) feels lost as she tries to deal with her newfound loss of faith. Haunted by an inner demon, she turns to murder…

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Viva Europa! cover art

Viva Europa! 2009

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a circus clown and a prostitute on the run from her pimps learn to know the dark side of ‘new Europe’.

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Phantom Party cover art

Phantom Party 2009

Miscommunication between Eastern bloc actress Tamara (Eva Dorrepaal) and film director Jerome Gold (Tomas Spencer) threaten his fragile production. Things really go wrong when a group of Neo-communists become involved.

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L’amour Toujours cover art

L’amour Toujours 2008

Dynasty is a ballerina whose dream was to become famous at the local Vaudeville theater. Haunted by nightmares, she is desperately searching for a new role both in her real life and as an actress as she slips further and further away from reality.

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I’d Like to Die a Thousand Times cover art

I’d Like to Die a Thousand Times 2007

What starts as a peaceful Summer afternoon for two couples escalates into a night of violent excesses.

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Last Performance cover art

Last Performance 2006

Julia (Eva Dorrepaal) is a European actress who relocates to New York City to try and make the big time, but winds up in an abusive relationship with the lover of her gay co-star.

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Hysteria cover art

Hysteria 2006

After being raped by a masked man, Lara (Eva Dorrepaal) winds up trapped in the castle of a degenerated family where she soon becomes the object of torture and humiliation.

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Warum Ulli sich am Weihnachtsabend umbringen wollte cover art

Warum Ulli sich am Weihnachtsabend umbringen wollte 2005

Brienen’s cult black comedy about loner Ulli (Marin Caktas) and his desperate search for company.

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Both Ends Burning cover art

Both Ends Burning 2004

Two women meet in a church. Their physical contact begins as a caress but ends in a fit of aggression, which destroys any remaining semblance of support.

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Lebenspornografie cover art

Lebenspornografie 2003

The Virgin Mary appears to the operators of a failed sex club in Berlin, offering them happiness. But happiness is different to everyone…

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Antifilm cover art

Antifilm 2002

Brienen’s hard-to-get parody on commercial television, set in a nightmarish setting of freaks, karaoke contensts, puke therapists and neo-nazis.

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Terrorama! cover art

Terrorama! 2001

Six headcases kidnap well known TV host Gerard van Dongen, resulting in violent excesses and extreme sexual behaviour.

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